Do Not Hit Your “Back” Button

Pressing “Back” Can Accidentally Cause You To Double-Order


Here’s a pic of the scar that’s still leftover from a major operation I had over 14 years ago:

I know, not the prettiest sight, huh?

The initial surgery was SUPPOSED to be a relatively risk-free procedure, but there were complications…

Blood wasn’t draining properly and was pooling, resulting in a hematoma.

To make a long story short, I had a second surgery that made a BIGGER and DEEPER cut that left me suffering from back pain for years.

And it’s this suffering that I used to fuel the intense research and experimentation I did to come up with a program that would finally allow me to do everything I wanted to and more without fear of hurting my back, for example:

Enter the Bulletproof Back System


Component #1

This manual will cut through all of the myths and misconceptions that have been out there for years about back pain and get to the truth about what you need to know to get rid of back pain for good. You’ll learn key concepts related to spine health, anatomy and function of the spine and you’ll discover exactly what you’re doing wrong that you must stop and what to do to start the healing process.

cover-assess-addressComponent #2

Here’s where you’ll go through a detailed questionnaire and battery of tests that will identify your condition and tell you the precise corrective measures to take to fix problems such as posture, muscular imbalances, flexibility, weakness and lack of endurance. I charge $199 for a lifestyle history and physical assessment, so this is a real $199 value here.


cover-training-guideComponent #3

The Training Guide is composed of 4 distinct training phases that progress on one another so that you continue to develop your core strength and stability. Each phase consists your Mobility and Developmental exercise program, which will teach you to recruit inhibited muscles, fix muscular imbalances, and increase flexibility and mobility, and your workouts, which will teach you proper movement patterns and bulletproof your back using advanced core stability training methods.

cover-video-exercise-libraryComponent #4

Each and every assessment, stretch and exercise was shot in HD and contains invaluable technique and form details and they’re available to you online in high quality to watch, follow along with and refer back to over and over. This is like getting 5 DVDs (1 assessment and corrective DVD and 4 workout DVDs)!



Component #5

Each and every exercise is available to you to download so you can save the videos to your laptop, smartphone or tablet to take with wherever and whenever you want so you can follow along and do the exercises and routines properly with me by your side.

And inside the program you’ll discover:

  • Why stretching the back when it hurts is the absolute WORST thing you can do and what to do instead to dramatically accelerate the healing process
  • The source of your back pain so that you know exactly what types of movements to do to get out of pain and what movements MUST STOP doing that are damaging your spine
  • The TRUE function of the core and how to safely and progressively train it to develop a ‘bulletproof’ back
  • Weird exercises that mimic the infant development process that will reset your central nervous system and wake up ‘dead’ muscles
  • How everything you’ve ever learned about ergonomics and proper sitting is DEAD WRONG and how to sit if you really want to eliminate your pain
  • Acute treatment options for the following conditions: sciatica, disc herniation, spondylolisthesis, stenosis (central and lateral), disc degneration and low back muscle sprain/strain
  • 16 easy flexibility, muscular balance, core function and postural tests that will show you EXACTLY what you need to work on to get your body back in balance
  • 4 progressive Mobility and Developmental routines that will improve the way you move and wake up muscles that thought you forgot about them
  • A 4-phase, 16-week exercise program to BULLETPROOF your back – each phase includes a Day 1 and Day 2 workout routine that requires around 40 minutes, 2-3 days per week. Each workout is super easy to follow – every exercise, rep, set and rest period is outlined so there’s no guesswork.

Bulletproof Back regularly sells for $47, but today only, as a THANK YOU for investing in the Shoulder Flexibility Solution, add the 4-Phase, 16-Week Bulletproof Back System to your order for the low price of just...

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