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What Others Are Saying...

"After four weeks...WOW! I am not cured yet or anything but I have seen very dramatic results. I have had severe pain and weakness in primarily my right shoulder, but also the left, for the last 8-10 years or so.

I am sleeping through the night, I am able to train in MMA with only minor soreness and greatly increased range of motion, I am able to work through the day with little to no pain and no numbness."

- Morgan DuShane, Age 45
Ohio, USA

"Hey Eric,

4 weeks into the SFS and I am stunned! I didn't think my shoulders could be helped!

Still have a ways to go get my right shoulder where it needs to be but I can only imagine where i will be in another 4 weeks!

The main thing so far is NO PAIN! Increased range of motion in all areas and each sessions seems to get better."

- Joe Musselwhite
Texas, USA