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Watch the video for next steps and important info on how to  AVOID
having your other workouts (weights, bodyweight, circuits, etc...)
INTERFERE with your shoulder flexibility gains...

Understanding the points in this short video is critical to ensure your current workout routine isn't SABOTAGING your flexibility gains and keeping you tight, so watch it to the end and take notes so you don't forget these critical factors.

Introducing the Shoulder Friendly Workouts
for Strength, Muscle and Fat Loss


Many past customers sent me emails asking if their current workout routines should be modified to ensure they weren't slowing their progress.

This is a GREAT question, but often in the emails they'd include every exercise they were doing, reps, sets, etc...

I quickly realized I had 2 options:

A) Spend all day answering these emails (and end up divorced)

B) Create programs specifically for those who want to be sure their workouts aren't halting their progress in gaining shoulder flexibility

I decided to go with option B.

In the video we discussed the critical factors that influence whether or not a workout program is going to negatively affect your results, so if you're confident in implementing what we covered then just modify your current workout program (if necessary) and soldier on...

But if you want to be sure that your workouts support your primary goal of improving your shoulder flexibility for increased function and decreased pain, then I suggest you follow the Shoulder Friendly Workouts.

Strength & Muscle Program ($29 value)

A 2-phase, 8-week program designed for those looking to increase strength and/or build muscle.

Depending on your goal, I show you how to customize the program to focus on either building strength or gaining muscle, training either 2 or 3 days/week.

20 Minute Bodyweight Fat Loss Routines
($29 value)

If your primary goal is to lose fat or general fitness, these bodyweight routines that take 20 minutes or less are perfect for you.

I've included 10 different routines that you can use to ensure your body stays lean and mean while following the Shoulder Flexibility Solution to release your tight shoulders.

And I've Got Something Special For You To Take Your Performance
To The Next Level AFTER Your Shoulders Are Fixed...

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1-year-guaranteeGrab these programs today, give them a try and if you're not satisfied for any reason, shoot me an email and you'll get 100% of your money-back, no questions, no hassles. You've got 1 full year to decide. 

I only want you to be completely satisfied and get the results you're after, or I don't deserve your hard-earned money.

These programs are valued at $29 EACH, but today, as a THANK YOU for investing in the Shoulder Flexibility Solution program, you can add both of these programs to your order for a one-time price of only...

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Solution and if I decide I do want the workouts in the
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